Monson Productions is a tiny game studio.  We have working prototypes for a several games with more to come in the future.

Robot Hero

Fight as a powerful robot warrior in this up-beat 2D side-scrolling action platfomer.   Move quickly across a large world destroying an evil horde of robots bent on taking of the

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Solar Merchant

I don’t think this is going to be the actual name of the game but for now, that’s what I’m calling it.It’s pretty unique.  It controls with a mouse and

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Turret Master X1

Blast Asteroids and enemy ships in this arcade style shooter.  This game is close to completion, though it still needs some work.

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Chinese Dragon HTML5 Web Game

Chinese Dragon

I’ve been working on this Dragon game.  I’ve improved the graphics, added coins, and a 2nd level.  More updates coming soon.

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