First Beta Test of New Game Turret Master

Turrett Game - Early Screenshot of Turret Master
Early version of Turret Master with unfinished graphics.

Turret Master Version 0.2

In Turret Master, you control a giant space turret, tasked with protecting a moon colony from asteroids and alien attacks.  It’s a game of lightning fast reflexes.

I’ve just uploaded a new Beta Release of a new game I’m working on.  This is version 0.2 so it’s far from finished.

What it does so far:

  • Player shoots plasma bolts toward cursor
  • Asteroids are randomly generated from left side of screen
  • Asteroids have physics and collide with player and colony
  • Temporary enemy ships fly by (but don’t currently shoot).
  • Game tracks hits and misses (and calculates accuracy).

Plans for version 0.3

  • Improve Performance
    • Replace text with sprite font (to improve performance)
    • ✓ place all explosions on single layer.
    • ✓ Remove Physics from projectiles
  • Refine the city artwork (and possibly make the city dome steeper)
  • Design a new enemy ship
  • Make enemy ships fire at the player
  • Redraw tower taller.  Shrink size of city, slightly

Here’s the link:

What do you guys think?  If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments below…

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