The Origin and Future of Monson Productions


Early Origins

Monson Productions was actually an idea from my childhood (or rather my early teenage-hood) when I started making movies with friends and family under the moniker “Monson Productions“.  It was really just for fun but I always considered sort of a pseudo company. As an adult I registered the domain name but mostly left it unused (except as a portfolio website for my graphic design).

Plans for the Future

Monson Productions is being resurrected as an outlet for various projects.  The primary focus of this website will likely be devoted to game development.

Monson Productions will also serve as an umbrella company for some of my other projects including and

A little About Me

My name is Steven Monson.  I’m a man of many interests.  Some of my pursuits include…

  • Writing (fiction & non-fiction)
  • Film & Animation
  • Art & Illustration
  • Photography
  • Video Game Production 
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