Space Game Sound Effects

I’m compiling a list of resources and sound effects suitable for a space-themed arcade game.

Make your own sound FX at or

Eric Matyas has a free collection of both music and sound effects.

Sci-Fi sound effects…

Space Cannon

Laser Sound Effect

Quick Explosion

Hull Breach 3 (could also be the launching a photon torpedo)

Cyber Chime (Could be the approaching of a boss ship)

Power Rez 2 (could be good Game Over sound effect)

Power Rez 9 (another good Game Over effect)

Sci-fi Ambient Sounds

REZ DRONE 1 – A repeating sweeping electronic hum that might sound cool as ambience in a Sci-Fi game.

Spacecraft hum (could work well in background of game).

freesound.orG has some decent sound effects, though you have to login to download them.  Here were a few I liked…


Good Basic Laser Sound:

A Cool extended laser

Good Mining Laser

UFO Scanner

Big Enemy Laser Charge

echoing laser

Space Ships

Cargo Ship background:

Starship Bridge

Ship Passing By

Mysterious UFO Landing

Spaceship white noise

Interesting Spacey noise (almost musical)

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