Space Game Sound Effects

Looking for sound effects for a space-themed arcade game?  So was I, so  I compiled a list of resources and sound effects.

Eric Matyas has a free collection of both music and sound effects.

Sci-Fi Weapons and Explosions SFX…

Space Cannon

Laser Sound Effect

Quick Explosion

Hull Breach 3 (could also be the launching a photon torpedo)

Cyber Chime (Could be the approaching of a boss ship)

Power Rez 2 (could be good Game Over sound effect)

Power Rez 9 (another good Game Over effect)

Sci-fi Ambient Sounds

REZ DRONE 1 – A repeating sweeping electronic hum that might sound cool as ambience in a Sci-Fi game.

Spacecraft hum (could work well in background of game).

freesound.orG has some decent sound effects, though you have to login to download them.  Here were a few I liked…


Good Basic Laser Sound:

A Cool extended laser

Good Mining Laser

UFO Scanner

Big Enemy Laser Charge

echoing laser

Space Ships

Cargo Ship background:

Starship Bridge

Ship Passing By

Mysterious UFO Landing

Spaceship white noise

Interesting Spacey noise (almost musical)

Tools To Make Your Own Sound FX

Make your own sound FX at


Other Resources for Game Sound Assets

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