Chinese Dragon Game (Early Alpha Testing) version 0.2

I while back, I created a free game that features a dragon navigating twisty tunnels.

Animated Gif

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It’s a cave flyer style game similar to an old PalmOS game I used to play called SFCave.

fly a ribbon through a cave in SFCave.
This game was inspired by SF Cave for Palm OS.

The controls are very simple  Tap the screen to go up, and let go to go down.  My game works very much the same way, but instead of an endless cave system I decided to make hand-crafted levels.

Progression Over Time

2016 – In the first iteration of the game, I used a red and gold grid as the background and the dragons sprites were pretty rough.

2017 – Later I created a soft sunset gradient for the background, and refine the dragon’s head and body segments.

2018 – Another set of refinements followed with more detail in the dragon’s face, beard, and antlers.  I also gave the dragon a tail and constructed 3 complete levels.

chinese dragon game with refinments and chinese style buildings.

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Want to See More?

Would you like to see a fully fleshed-out version created?  If so, what improvement would you like to see?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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