Clip Champ for video compression

I was reading an article on Cinemagraphs in web design and found a reference to a service called

The article mentioned that his video went from several megabytes down to 319kb.  This interested me, because if you want to use a video background on a website, you really want it to load fast.


Clip Champ requires you to log in with either a Facebook or Google account.

They have a free account that will let you convert up to 5 videos.  They also have a professional version for $9 per month that allows for unlimited video conversions.

In addition to letting your convert videos they also have a WordPress plugin that allows you to collect videos from your users, and makes sure they arrive to you in a consistent and compressed format.

HandBrake – A Free Alternative

After writing this, I figured there had to be alternative ways of compressing videos.

One thing I found was called Handbrake which is free and open source.  I also found this short tutorial.  After using it for a while I’ve become deeply impressed with Handbrake.  It’s hands-down the best video compression software I’ve ever used.  Easily reducing file sizes to 1/10th the original size.  If you crank up the compression further, you can get extremely small video files.  This makes it piratical to use HTML5 video on a website.


One Last Unrelated Thought

The author of the article about Cinemagraphs has a pretty good website.


Some things I liked

  • Cinemagraphs for as hero images (which is fun).
  • They share marketing success stories about their clients.
  • They use nice colorful icons to punctuate their point.
  • They have testimonials with photos of clients
  • They have a form with a title “If your goal is growth, we should talk.”
  • They have a slide-in navigation that is better than most I’ve seen.
  I wonder if the company I work for could implement some of what they do.
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