Cool Space Aesthetic That Would Look Cool In A Game

I saw this web design and thought it would make a really nice aesthetic for a video game…

stylized rocket trails detail
Check out the rocket trails coming out here…


screenshot of bottom of website
You can check out the original design at:

Update – A Design Based on The Inspiration

a while after seeing this design, I decided to implement a similar style for a marketing website called  I illustrated the planets and the little astronaut myself (which was a fun project), and added some animation that happens as you scroll down the page.

The design features a parallax effect and animated comets that zoom past as you scroll down the page.  Click here to see the animation.

What About Making a Video Game In This Style?

I have yet to try and make a video game in this style, but it’s something I may consider doing.  Truth be told I’m a little uncertain how those awesome rocket trails would look if they were animated.  Maybe I can figure out a good way of making it look good, but I’m not sure yet.

A Semi-Flat ProtoType

I did make a prototype for an interesting game with a (mostly) flat aesthetic that I’m currently calling “Solar Merchant” (though I’m not married to that title).

As I sit here typing, I wonder if I could push the look further and get an effect that more closely resembled the look from that original website design.

Maybe I could start with some of the assets I used on Launch2Success…



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