Making epub files for ebooks

I did some research into how to make ebooks today.  I ran across this article called 4 Ways to Create an ePub eBook which was extremely helpful.

Epubs are Specialized Zip Files

It turns out that ebooks are simply renamed zip files.  If you download an epub to your computer and change the extesion to “.zip” you’ll be able to open it and see how it works.

A Web Developers Tools for Making eBooks

There is a free software tool called Calibre that can be used to edit ebooks.  I downloaded it and tried it.  It let’s you directly edit the html and css of a epub file (which is pretty neat!).

There’s another tool (which I haven’t tried yet) called Sigil Ebook.


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  • I don’t have a computer. For only personal use & not for commercial use or print,I just want to make (Offline,without uploading) a simple designed epub file (in my Android Phone) to put together 10/20 Text/Docx file’s text,in Brngali Language.(Some are personal data), into one file,with an index,In first page (Internal hyperlinks of each files)….That epub files may only contain plain text,Bold text,Some photos & with no external hyperlinks (as like in Docx files)…And I want to do it Offline,to avoid leaking my sensitive data.
    Can you plz suggest me some offline tools to make such an epub,in my Android Phone?
    Or an online way without leaking my sensitive data?