Good Level Design (notes)

I recently watched this video on “Good Level Design” and decided I would take some notes.

10 Principles of Good Level Design

Good Level Design…

  1. Is Fun to Navigate.
    Create a clear visual language but feel free to throw in some chaos.
  2. Does not rely on words to tell a story.
    Use Implicant and Environmental narrative rather than explicit.
  3. Tells you WHAT to do but HOW to do it.
    Give the player a clear objective but don’t tell them how to accomplish it.
  4. Constantly teaches the player something new.
    Keep the player engaged by introducing or subverting mechanics.
  5. is Surprising
    You can change up the pacing, or having something unexpected happen.
  6. Empowers the player
    Let the player feel the impact of their choices.
  7. is Easy Medium and Hard
    Allow harder routes with greater rewards¬† rather than an arbitrary “easy medium hard” options.
  8. is Efficient
  9. Creates Emotion
  10. Is driven by the games the mechanics.
    It showcases the games mechanics.


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