Searching for a Castle Platformer Tileset

Last night I was talking with my wife about some really amazing music she was writing, and said “I need to make a game set in castle that is inspired by this music”.

The only trouble is, I know this game would be entirely too ambitious to complete (with the limited time I have available to me).  Even so, I decided to do a little looking around for inspiration and typed in “castle platformer” into Google image search.

I came across some nice tilesets and decided I would like to document them so I can find them again later, when I decide to make this game.

2D Environments by Brullov Studios

I found this geogeous tileset at made bybrullov studios for $29.99

beautiful castle platformer tileset. a cool castle library. a gorgeous moon lit background.
The same designer made a similar tileset called Oak Woods for $14.99 USD.
tileset with trees and a shop.
outdoor tileset with trees and platforms.
Finally, there is a Generic Character Asset which has some very nice character animations for $9.99.
sword slash animation. running and sliding animation.
Another nice hero at for a (name your own price).
This guy reminds me of the hero from Quest For Glory.
hero slashing with sword. hero running.

Fantasy Character Pack

Here is a Medieval Fantasy Character Pack for (name your own price).
a combination of animated fantasy creatures.
This forest background tileset reminds me of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.  Very nice.  It is a “name your own price” (which apparently also can mean “free”)
forest background tileset.

Glacial Mountains: Parallax Background

This mountainous background could be a great backdrop in a game (name your own price).

glacier mountain paralax background. paralax layers.

Pixel Fantasy Cave

This Pixel Fantasy cave tileset has a nice crystal floor aesthetic for $8.00 (currently on sale for $6.40)

Pixel Fantasy Cave tileset.

Pixel Monster Pack 2

This is a nice collection of monster to fight in in your Castle Platformer for $10.00. 16px x 16px.
pixel monsters 2

Topdown Dungeon Tileset

I wasn’t planning on including any top-down assets in this post but this dungeon tileset deserved a little attention.
I love the way the hero is thrown back in that exaggerated hurt pose.  This set cost $10.
hero battling slime monster. throne room. various tiles. somewhat empty dirt floor.

Seasonal Overworld + Dungeon

As long as we’re exploring top-down tileset, this season Overworld plus Dungeon is a great throwback to games like The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.
This tileset costs $14.00 USD, or you can just buy the overworld or dungeon for $8.00 each.

overworld dungeons autum tileset.zeldish tileset.


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