Construct 3 Mesh Distortion

Construct 3 recently came out with a new Mesh Distortion Feature

You can see the standard example in the tweet below

That’s pretty cool, and seems like it could have all sorts of potential uses!

After looking at the demo I played around with it until I had a basic understanding of how it worked. 

Essentially, you add a mesh to a sprite or the “Set Mesh Size” action  to add a certain amount of columns and rows.  Then you use the “Set Mesh Point” action to move specific coridinate up/down left/right.

My Demo

I decided to make my own demo (which you can see below)…

Click anywhere on the canvas to spawn a ball.

If you want to see how I did it, you can download to the c3p file below…

Using Mesh Distortion in a Game

After figuring that out, I decided to add it to a Breakout Clone I’ve been working on.   I think it’s a pretty fun effect.

Play “Brick Eliminator” with the Mesh Distortion Effect.


Share Your Thoughts

What are some other cool things you might do with the mesh distortion tool?  Could I have done something to make this better?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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