Chinese Dragon Game – Year of the Dragon

Guide the this Chinese Dragon through 7 levels to collect coins and avoid walls.

January 2024: I’ve made considerable updates to this game recently just in time for the Lunar New Year. I’ve added the following:

  • High Score Leaderboard
  • New Levels (7 levels in total)
  • Sound Effects
  • Music 
  • Title Screen 
  • Instructions
  • Win game screen (with fireworks).
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements



This game supports touch screen, mouse, and keyboard.

Go Up (Counterclockwise): Hold down the mouse button, spacebar, or touch the screen.

Go Down (Clockwise): release mouse button, spacebar or screen touch.


There are 7 Levels. Navigate to the end of the level by reaching the far right side.


Collect as many coins as possible, then submit your high score to the leaderboard.

High Score Leaderboard

Name Score
1 dragon warior 15
2 Wilma 16
3 The Gold Dragon 275
4 The Red Dragon 243
5 Frank 18
6 Frank 13
7 Paul the Dwarf 18
8 Steven Monson
9 Steveo 64
10 Steven Monson 54

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  • Hi Steven, really like this dragon game and the visuals you did on it. I’m interested to enquire about buying this game for commercial use (setting up a Chinese New Year games booth)


  • Hi Kevin, I’m curious to know more about this Chinese New Year game booth. I will email you directly to enquirer about the details.