Snail Maze

Snail Maze Game screenshot.

Navigate the Snail around the maze.  Collect rain drops and leaves, and reach the end of the maze.

This is a simple children’s game I made for a client as a tie-in for her children’s book  “Lily Kathryn and the Rainy Day Snail’s Tale”.

User Testing

I recently tested this game out with a group of young children 3-6 years old.  They seemed to really enjoy it.

The youngest players sometime had some trouble understanding that they had to go around walls (not through them), but giggled happily whenever the snail ate a leaf and seemed to enjoy the experience.  Player age 4 and above seemed to understand how to play the game intuitively, and wanted to play the game repeatedly.

Adding The App To Your Homescreen

You can play this game in your browser.  However, I noticed when testing the game with children, they would sometimes accidentally interact with the browser buttons (like accidentally clicking the back button).  To avoid this issue, you can install this game as a web app on your phone.

How To Add It On iPhone


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