Titanium Xanium

Play this free online arcade game “Titanium Xanium” is the spirit of classics games like Tempest and Missile Command.  Survive an onslaught of missiles as you compete for the top score in the original arcade thriller.

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Titanium Xanium is compatible  with touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard.  The unique 8 sector aiming system allows you to destroy incoming missiles with lightning speed and accuracy.


Tap in the direction of oncoming missiles to shoot and destroy them.


Point to rotate your ship.  Click (left) mouse button to fire.

Keyboard (with 10-Key)

10-key control diagram.
If your keyboard has a 10-key, use the arrows to in each direction and corner buttons to shoot diagonally.

High Score Tips

Accuracy is rewarded.  Every successive hit doubles the points. 10 hits in a row mean 10X points.  50 hits in a row awards a 50× bonus.

High Score Leader Board

1 Zenkay 76,159
2 Steven Monson 59,151
3 Steven Monson 53,869
4 Frantic man 45,327
5 Rob Morehouse 26,844
6 Steven Monson 25,950
7 Cliff Smith 22,751
8 Buck Rogers 21,896
9 Joe Braithwaite 19,180
10 Ronaldo Correa 8,515
11 Cliff Smith 8,226
12 David Cottam 8,027
13 Darren Boekweg 7,580
14 Boboli 4,817
15 Spiderman 4,186
16 Steven Monson 4,055
17 Ronaldo Correa 2,574
18 Stellar 6 2,154
19 Zach Hintze - Pinetree 4 life 1,830
20 Bob Peterson 580

Made in Construct

Titanium Xanium was made with the Construct 3 game engine.  It’s a great tool for making simple arcade style games which I personally love using.

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