Titanium Xanium

Survive an onslaught of missiles as you compete for the top score in the original arcade thriller from Monson Productions.

Titanium Xanium is designed to be easily playable on phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers. The unique 8 sector aiming system allows you to destroy incoming with lightning speed and accuracy.

Looking to get the high score? Every successive hit doubles the awarded points. 10 hits in a row mean 10 times the points.  50 hits in a row awards a 50× bonus.

This game can be played with a touch-screen, mouse, or keyboard.

1 Steven Monson 53869
2 Steven Monson 25950
3 Buck Rogers 21896
4 Spiderman 4186
5 Steven Monson 4055
6 Stellar 6 2154
7 Billy Bob 580
8 Bob Peterson 580
9 Sam Jackson 280
10 Mickey Mouse 250
11 Bruce Wayne 140
12 Superman 136
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