Monson Productions Movies

Monson Productions started at a moniker for short films I made with family and friends.

Our first movie was made back in 1994 and simply titled “Alien Movie“.   It was a story about an alien that came to steal food from earth, and a bold hero who chases him down with the space shuttle.

There was a long gap between that movie and subsequent features, but in 2000 we production picked up when we bought a video capture card and I suddenly had the ability to edit for the first time.  One of the first films was called “The Melodrama” which involved my entire family.

As a junior in high-school I found myself experimenting with various piratical effects and making more and more ambitious shorts, where I would write actual scripts, create props, and film and direct.  I even experimented with animation, making a short cartoon named Space Trek.

List of Monson Productions Movies