Finished Games

Turret Master X1

Blast Asteroids and enemy ships in this arcade style shooter.  This game is close to completion, though it still needs some work.

Play Version 0.8

In-Progress Games 

Breakout Clone

Just a fun breakout clone I’m making with some of my own personal touches.

Play Breakout 0.7

Play Breakout 0.5

Play Breakout 0.4

Play Version 0.3

Robot Hero

This is my newest creation, and possibly one of the most enjoyable games I’ve created to date.  (ort of a cross between Megaman and Sonic The Hedgehog).

We’re still early in development but it’s already my wife’s favorite 🙂

Play Version 0.7

Play Version 0.6

Play Now! (v0.3)

Play It Now! (0.1)

Chinese Dragon 0.6

I’ve been working on this Dragon game.  I’ve improved the graphics, added coins, and a 2nd level.  More updates coming soon.

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Solar Merchant (title pending)

I don’t think this is going to be the actual name of the game but for now, that’s what I’m calling it.
It’s pretty unique.  It controls with a mouse and nothing else.  Try it out and let know what you think.

Play It Now!

Unreleased Games

Games I’m been working on that don’t have a working demo yet.

Space Kid (Working Title)

A side-scrolling platformed similar to Commander Keen, but more modern and with my own sensibilities

Super Santa World 

This will be a totally free game for Christmas.  Be Santa.  Deliver presents.  Spread joy and happiness